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About Us

Why Serfax?

I got tired of keeping all of my service records inside my glove box and not having the information available when I needed it. So I was thinking about putting all of the information online. I searched around and found a couple of sites that provided this type of service but they were very cumbersome to navigate and they hit me up with tons of ads. That's when I decided to create a site that is simple to use and one that I would want to use. This is a basic service, no frills but it gives me what I want for keeping my service records online and I hope that you find it useful to.

If you have any suggestions about improving this site send them to mail@serfax.com. There is no compensation for your suggestions other than the fact that your idea might make it to our site.

What does Serfax mean?

The word is made up of parts of 2 words combined. Service and Facts shortend to SERFAX (sounds like SER FACTS). And as a bonus, the website domain names were available.

Where are you located?

Near Ann Arbor Michigan...Go Blue. If you've never been to Ann Arbor you must come and visit. We have one of the largest Art Fairs in the nation It runs for several days in July. Do a search for Art Fair Ann Arbor to get more info. Google is also here. They have a building downtown. And of course University of Michigan