You Asked For It You asked for changes to Serfax and we updated Serfax for you. Continue to email us with new ideas.

Updates We added more vehcile icons, vehicles are sorted new to old, oil quantity can be in Liters, Quarts or any other unit of measurement, and other great performance improvements

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Welcome to Serfax, the online place where you can keep all of your vehicle, boat, farm equipment service records online. Serfax has gone mobile. Same website. No app to download. Serving you since 2010.

It is FREE to use (up to 100 vehicles) for personal accounts. Our commercial friends can upgrade for one low price for the life of the account. Help keep Serfax a free service. We also get paid when you visit our advertisers.

Commerical Partners, you can now replace our Serfax Logo on top with your Buisness Logo. Drive your customers to your custom website powered by Serfax. Try it out now by logging into your account at our test site by clicking HERE . For more info on this feature, log in to your account and navigate to the Commercial Upgrade tab at the top of the page.

This Is Serfax

Not just for cars, keep your service records for anything that moves (bikes, boats, tractors, private planes). Your private maintenance log on Serfax can be searched. You can search for a list of all of the services that have a lifetime warranty on the parts you replaced or any number of other searches. Selling your vehicle, create a report for potential buyers to review your service records.

Get started and create a FREE premium account and start keeping track of your service records today.

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